Monday, April 12, 2010

Prophecy with Comments - September 9, 2003

The Comment was on the typed version of the Prophecy

Each time that God has spoken to us these last couple of years he has told us about the condition of the world as He sees it.  But God has also told us each time that some GOOD DAYS lie ahead for Planet Earth.  Personally I spend a couple of hours in meditation on each prophecy.  it is not for reading once and putting it aside.  These messages from God can keep us alive spiritually, with much hope for the future here on earth and with God in heaven.  We thank God the Father for enlightening us so often through His word spoken this way.  We are thankful also for the MANY ways these days that we are supported by the miracles experienced throughout the world.

Thank you for coming to pray with us and support one another today.  We truly do need this kind of gathering to keep us going ENTHUSIASTICALLY.

My children, I am calling you to silence and reflection.
Listen to Jesus and follow His lead.
Receive His love so gentle and compassionate.
He is ready to fulfill your deepest need.

I will teach you and instruct you,
For so many do still not know
That Jesus is your only example;
And only through Him you will be healed and grow.

Listen carefully to this message.
Soon the world will be shocked
For I will transform, cleanse and purify my people,
But first their hearts must be unlocked.

Darker and darker grows the world,
But new fire is sweeping like a mighty blaze.
Do not bind my hands any longer;
I am deeply concerned about My human race.

My dear ones, it is not obvious
That my spirit is moving like never before?
Nothing can match My grace, My power,
Which I desire to give to you more and more.

I am your God and I will work My miracles
And in an even more powerful way.
I will unite My people; bind them together,
For so many have gone astray.

Quiet and gentle I walk here among you.
Open your hearts, rejoice and be glad.
Consecrate your lives to Me
And you will experience a joy like you never had.

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