Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Wood of the Cross Has Become the Family Tree


Welcome those who will come to you seeking Me.
I have prepared their hearts to hear the truth and you will bring to them My words of love they so greatly need to hear.

Out of the world l have called you for My own purpose and many others who are your brothers and sisters. I have created a family here on earth and for all eternity. Be willing to sacrifice your time, your every resource in order to fulfill your mission.

Peace and joy to you all this great day for now comes the dawning of a new day, a greater awareness of My presence among you.  
Be aware of the dangers lurking in the unsuspecting areas that you deem as harmless for I am casting a light that will allow you to see far greater than you have experienced before.

This is needed in this time of darkness.
Be in greater intercession for your loved ones and those I will now be bringing to you.
They are in need of healing, consolation, direction and love that I will provide

Be mindful always of Our closeness to you and this will keep you in the state of grace I require.
O blessed day that has united you all to heaven even here on earth.
My Mother is consecrating more of Her children in order for this to be made clear.

Feel My joy at coming to you especially in the Eucharist.
Close your eyes and be with Me in these precious moments of eternal bliss that few enjoy.
O glorious surrender of soul and body for your Creator to permeate your whole being.

I transform you, I make of you a fortress for My use.
All will be accomplished in My perfect timing.
Be patient, be vigilant, and be Mine.

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