Saturday, April 10, 2010

Prophecy - October 31, 2003

A Prophecy for the Flock

Though October is the month of the Rosary, and this was at the end of the month, we as Catholic Christians are always wise to turn to the Rosary in prayer, to learn as Mary did the lessons of the Mysteries we pray.
My Children, I desire to give you more of Jesus.
Rest in his arms; feel His love and protection.
Difficult is the path that lies before you.
Seek my guidance and direction.

Know that your blessings will be many,
For I am greater than everything,
I will calm the storms in your deepest valley.
You will be surprised at the joy I bring.

Know that in your pain and suffering,
And an even deeper yearning,
You will win the hearts of others.
You are my light; please keep it burning.

The time is short; the your is approaching.
I am gathering my people throughout the earth.
Don't be concerned about worldly things.
Be still and let my voice be heard.

Again and again you have heard my message;
I spoke to you in very plain words.
I have given you signs, I have given you direction.
Trust in me and trust my words.

You are the ones to uphold y body.
Love one another and restore.
I have called you here together,
For I want to give you much, much more.

A spirit of fire I will pour upon my people.
Open up your hearts,
Learn from Me, and Trust my Word.
I have chosen you from the start.

Gret and exciting things will happen.
Open your blinded eyes and see.
I will renew you; I will transform you
Holy through Mary in this, the month of the rosary.

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