Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Prophecy for Father Sam February 21, 2005

Personal Yes, But For Us All as Well

Father Sam received this prophecy as he contemplated Retirement.  Retirement for Father Sam, was not about stopping work.  It was merely a redirection, with better hours and more flexibility.  Oh, and a pay cut.
My dearest child, I will show you My Love.
I desire to draw you closer to Me.
Know that you are richly blessed;
Soon you will be completely free.

My healing power is resting upon you;
A new fire is burning everywhere.
You may not understand My ways,
But turn to worship and prayer.

You've only seen a glimpse of My Glory.
I am doing something new
I am waiting for your total surrender
So that I can fill that emptiness in you.

This generation is to outgrow its sinfulness.
You are the beginning
Of a new heaven
And a new earth.

I will unite My people throughout the world
And demonstrate My Mighty Power.
Jesus is calling you to evangelize My people.
Listen to Him at this very hour.

Renounce, My children, the power of darkness,
And go forth built upon the word of God.
My Holy Spirit will lift up his chosen one
Trust Me and He will fail you not.

So many times your path seemed blindness,
But there is no need to be afraid.
Build up My Church; trust Me;
I am never late.

The ground you are walking is blessed and holy.
Bind together; work as whole.
Time is quickly running out.
Go and save your brother's soul.

My Spirit will move upon your church.
I will bring new fire upon the earth.
The is the time, the end of an age,
And I will bring My people to a new birth.

Fast and Pray, Make sacrifices.
Show me more stability.
Indeed, I have begun to show my first signs.
And birth pains become more severe, intense very rapidly.

I will take your heart of stone,
And give you a heart of flesh instead.
Behold I will make a new heaven and a new earth.
A time of great Glory lies ahead.

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