Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Prophecy May 4, 2003

As New Today as 7 Years Ago

This prophecy popped to the top of my to do list today, and I realised as I was preparing to post it, that it was very relevant to the crisis the Church is in the midst of right now.  We are to keep our eyes fixed firmly on Jesus, and on following his path.

I am here, walking in the midst of you
To show you my warmth, my loving ways.
Intercede my dear ones, for the many lost ones,
As you are entering the most difficult days.

Feel my presence here among you.
Allow my spirit to touch your heart.
Give me your wounds, all your burdens,
For I have chosen you and set you apart.

Many of your prayers are still not answered
Because in your heart you must believe.
Praise me, thank me, trust me completely
Knowing that you will receive.

A deep, deep darkness is upon the world.
Earthquake, wars, famines threaten my human race.
Do not ponder on all these disasters
But yield and seek your Master's ways.

Lay down your lives, evangelize,
Show your joy and testify.
Give me glory.  Lift up Jesus.
Save your own and answer their cry.

Now is the time, the hour, the moment
That I, your God have been waiting for.
I have come to heal your brokenness
And I will show you signs like never before.

My Church is coming to a crisis.
Feel the urgency of this call.
I am calling upon all priests.  I am calling the laity.
Let go of self and give me your all.

Trust me.  Keep watch and stay awake,
For a new fire is breaking through.
Build up my church, my bride, my body,
And do as Jesus has done for you.

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