Sunday, April 4, 2010

Here is What Easter Is About

A Phone Call From Father Sam

A few minutes ago, I spoke with Father Sam.  He called "out of the blue".  But, it was not out of the blue.  My Dear Wife, Christina, had just been praying about something particular, and there was some strange activity involved in response to her prayers.

At the moment I was about to pray with her, that exact moment, the phone rang and it was Father Sam.  We caught up for a moment or two, but the most important thing he said was that he was going to Chatham to say mass just now, and would pray for us at his mass.  He also asked us to pray for him, and I in turn ask any readers of this piece to pray for him, and to pray for us as well.

As he concluded the call, so I say to you: "Have a Blessed Easter."

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