Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Time For Decision


Far too much time has gone by in your decision to place Me as first priority.
Realize the consequences of indecision and putting off of living the higher life that was meant for you.
There are others for whom salvation and every thought concerning it are not at all a consideration in their life and only you whom I will bless will be able to accomplish great feats with a caring gesture in My name.

You must be ready for My using you moment by moment.
Feel an overwhelming peace come over you as I through the Holy Spint direct what you are to do.
It will seem to you so natural, so great will be the sense of My love flowing through you.

Being mindful of your nothingness will keep you humble in all that I have planned in the days ahead.
Keep your eyes on Me always with your thoughts on pleasing the Father in doing His will.

You are as a small caged bird, whose freedom I have gained by opening the door.
But you are much afraid, for the cage affords security and safety and it’s all you’ve ever known.
You even stay on the bottom trying to be left alone, unseen as it were.
I want you to see what your life could be outside the confines.
I want you to taste freedom.
You manage a higher perch but in no way want to venture beyond to the outside.

Then at Eucharist time, the Father reaches His comforting hand to help you out of the cage.
He has lifted you higher than you have ever known.
He knows you are not yet able to fly and so comforts you near to His Heart,

My child can you see yourself here? Can you imagine that I who care for tiny birds, would I not do as much and indeed do all that was needed in order to make of your life everything I intended it to be?
My Merciful Heart encloses the world and all its needs, could you not trust Me with your present concerns.
I will demonstrate to you further My love for you until such time as I will be able to love others through you.

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