Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pray for Father Sam

Penance from Confession

This morning after attending daily Mass, I went to Confession.  Our pastor here at St. George in London, Father John Pert has just returned from vacation in Europe, and I was able to go to him.

As I mentioned to him that Father Sam was diagnosed with cancer, and like all priests of our diocese, he knows him and his spirit, he gave me as penance to offer prayer for Father Sam.

In saying my penance, I realised that my prayer intentions for Father Sam had been for physical healing, and that there was a feeling of desperation in my prayers previously, and not so much trust.  I have been expecting that I will see him next week at the prayer meeting at St. Michael's Ridgetown that I plan to attend with my friends the Zimmers, and hoped that we would pray with him for his healing.

But, Father John changed my perspective, and opened my eyes to what I had failed to see.  He said that Father Sam will be trusting God for whatever is in His divine will.  So, by implication, I in my prayer for Father Sam need to do the same thing.  It is not that I do not still desire for Father Sam to be healed, but I prayed that God's will be done for Father Sam, that God be glorified.

Now, I am pretty sure that my prayers (and I am sure the prayers of many others for him as well) will be in line with Father Sam's own, and that now two or more are gathered in His Name, the Name above all names, there He will be in our midst, and all will be well.

Continue to pray for Father Sam.

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