Thursday, April 15, 2010

Prophecy Delivered in Ridgetown May 19, 2002

A call to Radiate the Love of Jesus

Be still and know that I am God.
I will renew my Church; my people will be purified.
Open your hearts to hope and glory,
And lead my lost ones to the light.

I see your many daily struggles.
I share the pain that you are feeling.
My spirit is experiencing a stifling effect.
This is delaying your inner healing.

I have no hands, no feet, no lips but yours.
Why be so frightened, so insecure?
Grow in love, compassion and understanding,
For there is nothing that I cannot cure.

More and more is expected from you.
Stimulate my gifts, my power within you.
Look at my signs; see what is happening;
I, Your God, make all things new.

Think of the many messages that I have spoken.
Did I not make it VERY clear?
There is a new awakening in many countries,
And my Son's return is drawing near.

Pray for insight, wisdom and understanding.
Build upon the Rock, and be strong.
My Holy Spirit is here upon you
To protect you from the storms that come along.

You are to radiate the love of Jesus,
In spite of the difficulties that your life brings.
Show your love, your joy to those around you,
In your homes, your families, in everything.

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