Friday, April 9, 2010

Prophecy February 23, 2004

Discernment for Father Sam

As Father Sam drew closer to retirement (at least officially) he thought each year was his last as a pastor.  Though the words of this prophecy applied to him at the time, they apply to each of us, as we struggle daily with the call that is on us, the call to conversion, the call to be Jesus for each other.  Here the words of this prophecy and follow them.
My Child,
I have watched you searching for an answer.
You even thought it was time to quit.
Take care of the flockthat I have given you,
And do, my child, as Jesus did.

Continue; go on with your daily task.
You will have highs, and you will have lows.
You have shown a deep love for Jesus;
You will see great conversion when my new wind blows.

Recall the messages that I have given,
And share the joy of your redemption.
It is your obedience and listening
That will bring blessings too numerous to mention.

My Holy Spirit will amaze you;
He will sanctify and purify your flock by fire.
He will cleanse your people from the inside out
And even fill your heart's desire.

I promise my followers a joy
That the world cannot give or take away.
I am your comforter, your advocate,
Your friend and healer, and I will lead the way.

My Son, so powerful and so happy,
As the Prince of Peace He came to earth,
A mighty Counselor, your Lord and Saviour
Was born the most simplest birth.

And here today in all that stillness
He is reaching out to you.
He will fill your heart's desire;
He will make all things new.

It is time to share your joy,
As in the calmness of that December night.
He is now pouting out His Holy Spirit.
He is here to make all things right.

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