Thursday, March 25, 2010

Where Else Can We Go?


I am gathering you in, into the refuge of My Heart.
There you will find unity, security and a time of solitude with Me, your heart’s desire.
Lose yourself in My companionship and whisper to Me your fears and doubts but most of all your faith and trust and thankfulness to Me.

You gain refreshment and rest, a time to gather your thoughts and consider times of failure.
I, in My closeness to you feel this fall as suffering in a Heart that loves you beyond your capability to comprehend.
Come now bowed down to your knees before Me and offer to Me your heartfelt sorrow.
I lift you up and walk now with you once again. I will tell you of our Father’s love and how He desires you to imitate Me, even in the midst of this darkened world in which you now live.

Be mindful of your true home and listen carefully to the Holy Spirit as He awakens you from the stupor the tepid ardour that has lulled you and taken you in.
Awake and realize where you are being led and where without your conscious will are headed wrongly.
I love you and grant great graces for your asking, do not ask for little I am generous to all Without exception.
My love bums flames to be given more and more abundantly.
Search ever deeper into the mysteries of your faith, for there you will always find Me.
O if only all would seek they would find and their needs and the desires they seek would be realized.
I understand your psyche more than you do, I know how to satisfy your deepest longings.

Enter into My sorrowful passion with Me and reap the rewards, the blessings I have prepared for you in advance.
Go now with peace and tranquility to meet those who are being made ready to receive My blessings through you.

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