Wednesday, January 2, 2013



My Creation, I claim your hearts and mark your foreheads with My Name.

Increase your Faith and be diligent in studying My Word as you draw closer to the time of trial.

Pray that your conviction to remain faithful to the Truth becomes all important in your lives.

Soon, what is to happen according to what has been foretold will begin to unfold, in great distress will the world find itself, even in the Western world in which you live.
Then as if bringing peace to the world at war and turmoil, will come the antichrist, deceiving many who will be receiving healings and great miracles that will be mostly illusions.

Many will fall for the deception, even some of My elect, pray to know the Truth, to discern what is false.

Be strengthened with quiet times in adoration, while it is still available to you, something you take for granted at the present time, I desire to instruct and direct you.

I am deepening Faith and constructing you to be pillars of light, which will become visible as the filth of this world continues to darken so many souls.

Give to Me your whole being that I may possess and animate your every move, thought and word.

I wait for you to earnestly seek Me, I greatly desire that you know and possess Me.

It is the Father's Will that all His family grow in My likeness and virtue.

There will be many around you following Satan's protégé the antichrist, stand firm in your conviction, and do not be swayed by spectacular shows of greatness, they will think he is God.
I will come back in Glorious form and not as the one who is flesh, who will be deceiving a great many.

Those who presently are not interested in anything Spiritual, will be oblivious to the dangers that are
creeping into their very lives, they hunger only for material gains.

You have everyday to make choices, they must be the correct ones especially now, for the time
remaining must be used wisely.

And who will be the wise ones? My faithful servants, the ones who have My life in them, and who
treasure in their hearts the very fact, that the family of God is diverse and includes all peoples.

Continue to grow in trust and confidence because what you are being called to do will be, beyond what you ever considered that you would ever be doing.

Be at Peace now for I have everything that you will experience, under My control, nothing will befall you that has not been weighed and balanced, according to what is the very best for you.


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