Sunday, December 30, 2012



Thank you for gathering for prayer, it warms My Heart to see what love has formed in mutual affection.

It is My hope that the gifts will flourish more abundantly, especially that the gift of Tongues be received by all who are lead by My Spirit.

This is the gift for building up of self and should be used frequently, also ask for discernment of spirits, knowledge, Wisdom and Prophecy, each are beneficial, among others, in evangelization.

For I wish to administer them to you in great power, as you yield in cooperation with the Spirit.

How can you be instruments of Faith, without My blessings, indeed you who are Baptized in the Spirit have already received all the gifts.

You need only to yield as you ask and earnestly desire and believe you are receiving them.

I greatly desire that you know My mind, also that others know My Will, therefore I give prophetic words.

It should not be just one or two in this gathering who receive this gift, for I wish to speak through each one of you.

Do not be afraid of failure, you are among friends, whom I have chosen to uphold you in love.

Some visions and images given by Me, have gone by the wayside, and need to be shared by those to
whom it has been given.

Fear is never from Me, I give courage, peace, joy and an abundant ability to function in times of doubt and frustration, these are special graces timely given.

When you only petition Me during your gatherings, it becomes all about you and your needs.

Praise Me and I will meet those needs without your being duly concerned about them, forget yourselves and concentrate on Me, do I not know your needs even better than you?

Be lights in this ever darkening world, and don't be afraid to let My brightness within you shine out
among men.

I value your life even more than you do and I send you with My love and Holy Spirit into a needy world.

For My New Dawning will involve you, I came into humanity to bring the dignity of Divinity to each of you.

Join Me now in this time of preparing for My Second Coming, by being strengthened for whatever plans are awaiting the changes necessary for the New Paradise.

l have so much more for you My children.  Be at peace for I am coming for you soon. 


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