Thursday, December 27, 2012



Each of you are unique and I will strengthen and prepare you as you are needing for the time of trial.
I do not wish that you act like Me, but your efforts are to be in your release of self-will to My Divine Will.

Allow Me to take over your every thought and action, your words and all that is your duty, through the Holy Spirit as a river.

You must give yourself over to Me completely, I will teach you to forget yourself and My Spirit to flow in and through you.

What difference does it make to you if you are in ecstasy or suffering as long as it is My Will?

You are Mine from all eternity, I have destined it and it pleases Me to see you finally respond in like

Child in this way, it will not matter as to what is going on about you, for I am in control and grant you
complete peace.

You need not know the future only keep your eyes on Me, I'll make Myself known and felt by you that you may be faithful.
All that you hope for will be fulfilled but for now learn to rely on Me and your Holy Mother, who loves you as She loves Me.

I desire to train you now in this way, as the earth becomes more and more chaotic and unruly, hatred
and unrest in all the world.

You must be firmly established in Me before your time of trial begins for I desire that you serve
powerfully and without fear of failure.

But do not be concerned, My plan will unfold as Satan tries earnestly to reclaim as many of the
converted brethren as he can.

Your words of encouragement will be what brings peace to many souls, who will not be able to fathom all that is happening about them as they see violence all around them.
Stay close to Me now, as I teach you My ways of letting go of self, for the world is bent on selfishness, but you My children are created for greater joy that will be realized in the New Paradise.

My Mother, out of love for you, is to be found in you along with Me, She is leading you into obedient submission for Salvation.

I have longed to be free to act in you, and now some will not understand this concept, I see through
your eyes, talk through your mouth, and serve through your hands but only if your will allows Me to.


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