Monday, December 17, 2012



Hear what I say, My dear ones, you are not your own to do with as you please.

When I say enter into My vineyard, I am asking for your free will to be given to Me.
In this way the fruit produced by you will be from My vineyard, your good works, My produce to do with as I please.
I will make you know without a doubt of My love for you, that you may tell others of My love for them with confidence and credibility.

Without you truly knowing, without you saying ’'I know that I know that my God loves me” how else can you convincingly tell others that I love them infinitely without bounds.

I am preparing you day by day, moment by moment, until love is in every cell of your being , for this is how you will feel at home in My New Kingdom, in order that it will feel right, filled with joy and peace.

In the condition in which you find yourselves at present, you would not be able to withstand the glory of God in this holy place.

I love everyone of My creation as much as I love the Father, you see, I cannot love to a lesser degree.

Allow My love to permeate your whole being, as I feed you with Myself today, there can be no other
affection occupying your heart, without Me you have no life in you.

When you suffer, lift up your thoughts to Me in thanksgiving, for you will be following Me.

Even when accused of some wrong doing, though you be innocent, remain silent, calm, as I also
remained silent, when accused at the time of My Passion.

Make of St. Michael the Archangel a good friend, for you to be protected against the enemy.

Can anyone truly cause you to be sad, when you know I am walking always with you and in you?

Do not sadden Me with a countenance of gloom, only sin can cause such a loss of joy.
Come back to Me quickly in repentance, and I will take you into My heart, even closer than before, I will strengthen you with graces to overcome sin in the future.

My Father is being patient, for many in the world are needing conversion, your prayers are greatly
required, I will multiply them in this time of grace.

You are not your own, fulfill your missions each of you, while there is still time, some of you will have less time than others but all are to remain joyful, I am the Master of the vineyard, let Me see your smiling faces.


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