Thursday, December 6, 2012



In this Western Country, you have still today your freedom to choose as you like.  But soon, a dictatorship will come upon you, so hidden at first, that it will not be noticed, recognized or observed by most.

The European Nations will group together to unite as one front, to do away with all Christianity, and
abolish every trace of God in the world.

Rome will be taken over and new laws will be formed for the new religion, that will be based on lies and not upon Truth, which the infallible Church was founded.

The Holy Eucharist will be reformulated and improved upon, according to the new head of the church, he will be elected and will be the antichrist, many will follow his leading.

Abortion and murder will no longer give rise to any consequence for it will have become commonplace.

Men will have become so self centered as to not consider the welfare of anyone else but to satisfy
everything that could bring him pleasure and happiness.

Seeking to better themselves, they readily enter into New Age, occult and Satanic worship, all for their well being and enjoyment, all trying to achieve inner peace.

Take courage, remember that nothing happens in this world without My permission, all that occurs and its consequences are passing through My hands.

In uniting your suffering with Mine, I am able to save those who see themselves as your enemy, many will be saved because of your efforts in praying for them.

Do not underestimate what I can do with one hour of prayer, for I will save one thousand with each hour of your faithful surrender in the assistance of your brothers and sisters.

Remain strong, never looking into the eyes of the antichrist, for he will control you as slaves of Satan.

There will be a pulling force, as in a whirlpool of destruction, created by the evil one, you were created free and the graces to overcome will be available always.

I desire to be enthroned in each of you, that My Holy Spirit, the river of life, flow as crystal through your whole being, for the Salvation of Souls.

Without Me, nothing will or can happen, but you have an inheritance that no one can take from you, in your creation, you are Mine and the New Kingdom awaits you.


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