Thursday, January 24, 2013



Faith in God, is the gift I give to you, who have believed in Me through the faith of your ancestors before you.

I have caused your faith to increase by what you suffer and experience in daily life.

Nothing else can compare to the lessons and growth that are gained in these life experiences.

And so compassion is gained for others who suffer, and who have trials you can relate to, and thus is
born in you a humility where pride had been before.

In the prayers you have offered to Me, I have often delayed the answer, wanting the fulfillment to come from your neighbour, your family member or possibly a stranger.

In My Wisdom and Mercy, l have culminated repentance for sins and forgiven those offenses, giving you the peace you have long sought.

Inner peace can only be had through your true sorrow and desire to make amends.

Many are the gifts I provide for the purification that must come upon the world, a time when My
Remnant will be used in all boldness of Spirit.

This boldness will be born out of a faith that has been fortified out of necessity, for the world is headed for a chastisement and purification, that My Father will allow before the judgement.

And so as the need to save as many souls as possible is demanded of you, each of you in cooperation I say do not cower in fear, instead boldly venture toward your goal.

Paradise is awaiting you, yes but you will not enter alone, neither should you occupy your thoughts of
your own Salvation only.

Much work and sacrifice must be accomplished in the wake of those who follow you as you lead them to safety.

Look around you, many are being lulled into oblivion, as to what is happening regarding their faith,
which they've taken for granted, slowly it slips away from them.

It is as if sweets offered to them are satisfying their hunger, and the nutritious food God would have
them to eat, has been pushed aside and no longer valued as good, to sustain quality of life as I intended.

My Mother has been given permission to attend and guide you, but many have become complacent to Her messages and no longer adhere to them, We weep for Souls in jeopardy.

Awake to the faith, listen to My inspirations and do them, love for you compels Me to search for new
ways to awaken love within you.

Do not let this time of Mercy be wasted with things that will pass away. 


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