Saturday, January 9, 2016


2016-01-07                                                                             INRI

The true and infallible sign of My presence is joy.

It is the Holy Spirit's gift to you, the gift of joy should be possessed by all who are Mine.

Sin depletes joy, worry depletes joy, as does anything that takes you away from Me.

Have great confidence in My love for you, find in Holy Scripture the Words that solidify and help you to see exactly who you are in Me.

All human beings were created in God's Image and Likeness, and because I have called each of you by name, you are Mine.

I have redeemed you, I bridged the gap that separated humanity from Heaven by My Cross.

Live each day in the confidence of My constant attention to every detail of your life, I hear you always and console you in times of trouble, giving direction when you are not even aware.

When you have a desire to pray, do you know that it is I who want to hear from you, I have taken the initiative to put the thought into your mind, I love you so much.

Do not fear anything, if you are trusting Me in all that you do, you please Me, and joy will flow in you throughout your day as you fulfill your mission.

In the passing of a minutes time, your joy may be stolen from you, memories of past sin brings guilt, you must not allow anything that cannot be changed to sadden you, rise from this shadow into My Light once again.

I want you living in My Joy, here is where the earth will begin to see where I may be found in your Church, as they view joy, love and peace among you My children.

Allow My love to produce fruit in you bringing joy in all areas of your lives.

The Sacraments and adoration, spending alone and quiet time with Me, without expectation of anything happening or not, draw us closer to each other.

I want to encounter you when you least expect Me, and for you to give also of yourself in ways that are most from your heart.

I am all about the heart, anyone who comes to Me comes to My Merciful, Forgiving Heart and I give him in return a heart filled with joy.

DECLARATION:   INRI recognizes and accepts that the final authority regarding these messages rests with the Diocese of London, and with the Holy See of Rome, to whose judgment I willingly submit.

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