Thursday, January 28, 2016


2016-01-28                                                             INRI

Transformation of the heart is your life's mission, not of anyone else, for it is only one's own heart that you may change.

Keep your eyes on Me, how did I accomplish to love while curing, preaching and leading all who followed, yet it appeared to many that I was in the end a failure, for they crucified Me.

In rejection, even from My own family, I did not harbor any discouragement in My Heart, so as to divert the love that I had come to bring to all.

It is much easier to have kindly feelings for your neighbor when things are going well with you.

You will be rejected in this life and even humiliated at times, but do not become discouraged nor allow pride to alter the good you had intended for those I have placed in your surroundings.

Seek refuge at these times of hurt, in My Heart which knows brokenness and pain even when all you intended was to love, yet were misunderstood.

I kept My eyes only on the Father and doing His Will, therefore, whatever the consequence in doing His Will, it mattered not since, My only concern was in doing in obedience the Father's perfect Will.

Do as I have done for the Father's Will is still what is being asked of you also, for you are in Me and I desire to fulfill that Will through you as you surrender and allow Me to accomplish His love in the world today.

I give Grace to progress with courage and confidence to transform your heart, for at this present time you are at the entrance of Heaven, its waiting room.

Therefore, whatever advances made in this life will benefit you in the next, you may have experienced failure, grave sin in your life, but forgiveness is the beginning of your conversion, that will bring you closer to being the saint I created you to be.

Only your actions will convince others for this is the only true form of the Truth, that shows anotherwhat you truly believe.

Others may break your heart, but this will be the perfect opportunity for My entrance into your heart, praise Me for your broken heart, as difficult as this may be, I have perfect peace waiting for you.

Know this, I care more for the person, more about the transformation of your heart right now, than I do about all the work that you intended to do for Me, you need only seek holiness and sanctity and I will lead you into the Father's plan for salvation.

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