Wednesday, January 20, 2016


2016-01-20                                                                                   INRI

Baptism has made you a new creation, freedom has been given you to be made whole.

You are blessed not only for your own sake, you progress in holiness that others may emulate your love for God.

An old wineskin cannot hold the new wine, you understand that you must be made new, for I am the New Wine, that I want to be poured into you in the Eucharistic celebration.

Be docile and allow yourselves to follow Me, trusting in the Father's plan of salvation for all the world person by person.

It is not enough that you merely petition Me for what you desire, listen as I unburden My Heart to you, share My sorrow and grief even for a moment as you rest in Me.

Meditation is only a fancy word for a heart to heart talk with Me, don't be afraid to just talk plainly to Me at any time of the day or night, your very thoughts are known to Me.

You will find that I am the most loving and gentle of all friends and also the One Who can be of the most help to you in any and all need, confusion or trouble.

Whenever you should fall and all have sinned, I am right beside you always, ready to bring you back onto the right path, some are desperate, it is to these that I am the closest for they need Me the most.

From Baptism to death, which is your gift to Me, all that you will go through in life prepares you for that end, when your last earthly day, in joy brings you home.

Meanwhile you will live the crucified life, allowing Me rein and flexibility to use you as I see fit, in your life and for the good of others.

Look with enthusiasm even in this life on earth because I am giving you the privilege of using you today just as you are.

I love to surprise you with grace that is needed, already in My Hands the answer awaits the asking, trust that what I judge to give you at this precise time is My best for you.

Oh, the joy in loving and serving of the wise among you in the present times where love is lacking, I am prepared to give peace to the mystery of the anointed among My people.

My Eyes never leave you, look to Me and you will see greater things and inspired possibilities than you have ever imagined.

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