Wednesday, January 13, 2016


2016-01-13                                                                          INRI

Every moral decision that you make in the here and now, will have eternal consequences, that will determine where your eternity will be.

As you come before Me in the Blessed Sacrament, I am looking at you and you at Me, you are seeing Me through eyes of Faith, I am present, yet so few are there to speak their love and gratitude.

Every Eucharist that you have ever received, prepares you in anticipation of a good death, nothing gives you more peace in the knowing that you are growing in the holiness of Heaven.

If you could from this day on live as though it was your last, how differently you would act, and how differently your values would change in their priorities.

May forgiveness be readily in your hearts, for you sadly hurt yourself, rather than the person you are waiting to hear an apology from.

By My Cross I have obtained forgiveness for the world, in order that repentance would be yours, you in having been forgiven are able in turn to forgive others.

I came to demonstrate the Father's infinite love for each of you, who were created out of love, and so in loving one another that you would find joy in this life.

To want to love your neighbor is what I am asking of you, I know how difficult that this can be at times, say these words to Me often and I will give the grace, that is a promise.

I pour grace into the souls of My people and allow you the privilege to act in love or even to say a word of encouragement, this is My Mercy working in you through Me.

This may be the very occasion that takes a person from a life that is doomed to salvation, I alone am the One Who knows.

To be used in My plan of salvation for another, you need only surrender your day each morning and expect that I will perform great deeds that are unplanned by you, yet very much in the Father's sight.

What will be important at the end of your life will be the love you've shown to others, selflessly, and this love can only come out of a relationship that begins and ends with your Lord and Savior.

Are you unhappy, come directly to Me and I will show you the reason for your sadness and the remedy, I am going to release healing and I will correct any misguided thoughts that may have initiated fear in your life.

With Me, you will begin each day anew with fresh awareness of a Father's love for His children, what excitement awaits those who leave the circumstances of their day in the hands of the God of love.

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