Thursday, February 4, 2016


2016-02-04                                                                                     INRI

My people, you are not aware, or conscious of My great strength or power and ability to restore you to your former sanctity.

The sanctity that was yours from the beginning, and it is from your woundedness that I will restore you.

Your sin will never scandalize Me, but because of your misery, allows Me to bring you, in your repentance to a higher degree of holiness than from before your fall.

I embrace the sinner, and gaze into a soul that has incurred hurt and not known recovery, possibly from a trusted loved one that betrayed them.

Some have been lured away and distracted by the things of the world, entertainment perhaps, for the world persists in pushing Me out, at a time when I am most needed.

I enjoin you to come to Me in a daily prayer commitment, not only when you are in need of something, or out of duty, but when it is the last thing you want to do, when it is difficult for you.

Open your heart and allow Me to create for you the desire, I delight in making clear to you what it is that you truly are seeking in the way of happiness.

You were made for Me, seeking Me and in order to find that peace and joy, persist in your prayer even if you are fatigued.

Act in response to what I will show you in our encounter of prayer, doing what you know you should do and always when asked to assist someone in need.

You will endear Me to your heart as you begin to hope sincerely and positively, trusting that I will act on your behalf, allowing grace to flow into your and others lives.

You will all suffer in one way or another, when you begin to progress in your prayer life and serve with love.

But as you suffer uniting all with My sufferings, it becomes redemptive, this is pure joy uniting all for family and all the Church.

Depend more on Me, I am your strength and power, too little is attributed to My ability and desire to intervene in each of your lives, precious is each soul and I wish to restore them all.

I embrace all who come to Me, wounded and ashamed, yet who will trust in My great love, to restore what was lost and to an even greater degree of glory.

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