Wednesday, February 10, 2016


2016-02-10                                                          INRI

There is an unknown factor in seeking to conform to the Will of God, a fear of what He may ask of you  to do or not do, oh the possibilities are endless.

Are you open to hear the Truth, ask My Holy Spirit to open your heart, in this way what you hear you will be able to discern as My Will for you personally.

My plans for your life have always been for you to enjoy life to the full, you must never doubt this fact.

When you decide to surrender fully your life to Me, to the best of your ability at this time of your life, for circumstances change as time goes on, I then give you a taste of the freedom that you may have lost.

I give you freedom in areas that were taken from you, through weakness slowly and consistently until you became a victim, unable to change your life productively as you desired.

You may not have been made aware, accept from the gift of discernment, of your captivity, why you had an attraction to things, people and areas that steer you far from Me.

Many believe that they are trusting in Me, yet the Truth is they are walking in unbelief, either through misinformation or through fear of the unknown.

Some may be thinking that I will eliminate or change something in their lives, ask them to leave or do something that they are not prepared to do.

Distrust in Me causes your life to be mediocre, sad and feel that you are missing something.

Come to Me and die, surrender your will to Mine, I want you to live unto the fullest, there is a joy in the freedom that awaits you, do not fear anything for I am your Shepherd your God of Love.

Your Mother Mary invites you to an unselfish love of neighbor, a love that puts God first, others next and you last.

Come now to Me during this time especially given to you to explore and to find My plan of freedom, for it will be revealed to you little by little the way that you must go.

When you do the things of God, that is My Will, you will find that what is set into motion is life as you never expected for yourself, but that I have been waiting to give you since I first thought of you into existence.

This love in motion could indeed change future generations to come, causing a ripple effect in the oceans of time, for I am the God of all.

Ask Me to heal your unbelief right now, “Lord I believe, but help my unbelief”.

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