Wednesday, February 24, 2016


2016-02-24                                                              INRI

When I created the universe, I thought of you, each and every one of you individually, you were loved into being.

At every Mass, you stand with My Holy Mother at the foot of the Cross, and I lovingly gaze upon you.

Look up at My Wounds and own them, for it is for your sins that I am suffering, do not allow your thoughts to blame others or all the world, this will not bring you closer to Me.

You are there at the Mass, present on Calvary at the sacrifice, unite in prayer your sufferings and pain, your worries and fatigue, then ask to take from Me some of My anguish in what I am suffering.

I do see all that you do for your brothers and sisters, even when others do not appreciate a gesture of kindness, I know when it is being done for love of Me.

I have ransomed your soul with My Blood poured out unto the very last drop, do you perceive that I am living within you?

My presence within you commands that you do good works each and every day, this is not optional as every grace has been given in order that you may excel in love and holiness.

Do not pray as if I were a distant entity, for you are Mine and I desire a growing relationship, that you may in this life already enjoy a taste of Heaven.

Even your friends I chose that as a true disciple you might share joy and progress in Wisdom and love, those who would hinder you in any way have fallen away and no longer have anything in common with you.

If daily you would contemplate your moment of death, how differently you would live, prepare here in this life for a Heavenly life of love for all eternity.

Even as you rise each morning thank Me for a new opportunity to increase your desire to love and serve Me and those closest to you.

Yes, I am beside you and in you, wanting that My plan for the Kingdom be realized in you, removing bit by bit all fear that your serving may be in a greater joy of the accomplishment of the Truth.

Confusion and anxiety are signs of a greater problem of the heart that needs to be addressed through reconciling at the foot of the Cross. 

Having come to the truth and acceptance of the reality of My Suffering and shedding of Blood for love of you, you will make advancement in our relationship only as you are given to see truly your worth.

Come to Me in Eucharist and experience the embrace of a lifetime of forgiveness and love, constant is the Father's Will that I should one day bring you home, the lost and the poor.

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