Friday, October 2, 2015


2015-10-01                                                          INRI

I am coming before the final judgment day, in order that all may have the opportunity for conversion and not condemnationbut to turn their lives around and be forgiven.

Everyone over the age of reason will have an illumination of conscience, you will view your past good and bad, nothing will be hidden even your motives.

You will see yourself as I see you, and will be given the opportunity to choose to ask pardon and forgiveness and be reconciled.

Each Eucharist is feeding you to see more clearly the Truth in which you must be living, because I am your Merciful God, I desire your conversion at each passing moment.

The New Kingdom that I have prepared for you, and it is your right to be there as adopted sons and daughters of God, will be a combination of Heaven and Earth where I will reign as your King. 

You will know the full Truth which at the present time has been obscured to you, therefore sin has dominated your life, then with transformed hearts, you will live in love and peace with each other.

There will be no more hunger or pain for I am your healer and provider, I will walk along side of you as your Lord and King for 1000 years.

But be aware after your illumination, there will be Satan in all his tactics trying to deceive as many as he can that it is hopeless and to enjoy life today for that is all there is, what lies, what deception.

Even those in whom you trust may be victim to these ways of false leading, thinking all the while that it is the right way. 

You were meant to glorify God the Father, through His Son in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Remain ever near to your Heavenly Mother during these times of uncertainty and calamity, She now and has always interceded for Her children, leading them to Her Son.

The time of My coming draws ever nearer by the day, and some even now are not sufficiently convinced that there really is a God, a God Who really loves them, you will be sent to those in need.

At the awakening some will be in deep sorrow and fall to their knees, begging for forgiveness, but others having seen themselves, in hopelessness and horror will die of shock.

Prepare now before I come, My faithful ones so that at that time you and I may rejoice together, as I come to each of you privately in mystical revelation.

I will show you the grace filled state of your soul, the soul that has been prepared to share this new life joyfully praising the God Whom you've long awaited.

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