Thursday, October 29, 2015


2015-10-29                                                              INRI

Your time on earth will be a time of testing, yes I leave the ninety nine in search of the lost one, but I invite you to not be idle but to seek to be perfected.

You are Mine and I would never leave you, anything that is happening in your life or will happen to you, I am allowing.

Therefore, how have you responded to someone who maybe has falsely accused you and taken you to court, or perhaps someone asks to borrow a thing you value highly, or has someone taken advantage of your good nature and kindness and abused this privilege?

You will be tested individually in an area where you may be most vulnerable, how else will impurities be purified.

What I have begun to perfect in you in this life will be continued in the next, that is if you have striven to live for God in the present, so in the future will it come to perfection in Heaven.

To fear Me is to have proper respect and recognition for all that I have accomplished for you and for all the world.

I am all about perfecting you and the sooner that you begin to cooperate with Me, to get with the program, will benefit you more now, because of the tremendous grace being poured out at this time before your death.

My love for you never depletes, in fact the greater the sinner, the more intense My seeking them with urgent fervency.

I seek the aid of My faithful followers, the ninety nine when arranging the times and circumstances that are crucial to a person's conversion, here is when you shine, My dear ones.

You will be like the stars that shine brightly in the darkness of night, even during those times when you feel alone in your believing Faith, I will be there in you bolstering every word and gesture of love.

This will give you the courage needed to complete your mission, though it was never your idea or did you intend what was My plan all along.

Only as you permit Me to use you, will I allow the unfolding of the saving efforts you and I together, united to give just one more soul all that has been prepared for all eternity.

As you listen attentively to what I say, and cooperate with the Holy Spirit Who has been granted to you, you will witness miracles of every kind, your joy increasing and peace dwelling in your hearts.

If at any time fear should enter and cause you alarm, take authority over it immediately in My Name, call upon Me and it will disappear, take advantage of this privilege as Children of God.                                                                                  

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