Wednesday, October 14, 2015


2015-10-14                                                                             INRI

It is not enough for you to hold Christian values, and to know the words of Scripture, I am a living reality, a person and I long that you have a relationship with Me.

As you make Me the center, that is when you give Me first place in your life and serve selflessly, I introduce you to My Father and yours.

For He is your Father and He has given Me the work of reconciling the world to Him.

With the Holy Spirit the Father and I are united as One, you, as you lovingly live in Me receive sonship and thus enjoy divine nature with Us.

Come close to Me in a relationship, which through the Sacraments, adoration and prayer draws you ever closer, speak to Me as you would to someone that you dearly love, I am pleased to receive alwaysyour heartfelt prayer.

At this time in history, you are in an Age where I am in the process of putting the whole world in subjection to the Father's Will.

When this has been fully accomplished a new Age in which all will live totally as I lovingly enjoyed from the beginning in peace and security will exist.

There you and I will co-exist, but in order to hasten this arrangement, pride must be abolished, crushed and rendered nonexistent.

Some have believed in themselves in the way that they live, ignoring God as if in their own doing, their good works being their saving grace, would reap all that they desire, Heaven in the end.

I introduce you to the Father as He introduces Me to you, He has been promoting Me in His Words “this is My Beloved Son in Whom I am well pleased, and this is My Son the Beloved, listen to Him”, We are united in love.

It has always been the plan of the Father that each of you become one with the Trinity as sons and daughters and so inherit the Kingdom.

Be submissive therefore, and follow Me in obedience, not deciding on your own who is worthy or unworthy of your love and serving, I only did the Father's Will and nothing on My Own.

I delighted in the little children who came willingly to Me, their mother's wanting Me to bless them, but society at that time did not account them worthy of My attention.

If you will quench pride in your life, this will greatly assist in the holiness that I wish for you, the saving work the Father wishes to be accomplished in the world must begin with those closest to Me.

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