Tuesday, October 13, 2015


2015-10-07                                                                                  INRI

I came to earth initially for the sake of man, for his salvation and to establish My Church.

You are My Bride and I am your Bridegroom, together we are one.

Do not flaunt this fact, as a bride would not do so who is worthy, but in humility point only to your Bridegroom and Him crucified.

Have I not told you that I would exalt the humble, humble those who exalt themselves?

Yield instead to the Holy Spirit's leading, for He will lead you to power and assemblage as you glorify your Savior.

I came in lowliness and suffering, this is how My Church must reflect Me as the progression excels.

Unite with Me, you who are My Bride the Church, individually you must humble yourselves daily.

Look to those who have gone before you, see how their lives having been transformed, and some of them martyred have laid the foundation upon which you enjoy the richness in Truth of the Church.

You have never been left orphaned, but in every way I have provided for your growth as citizens for the City of God, saints in the making.

Let your trust in Me and abundant joy be your shield, never succumb to distress nor are you to accept fear that would render you incapable of serving your brothers and sisters.

Acknowledge My presence and your joy ascends to praise and worship, all that you require you ask in My Name and My Father is glorified.

Do you need patience, do you lack the grace to love all, does your ability to forgive others allude you, whatever is your need, come to Me I am waiting to respond most abundantly to all your needs.

I want to adorn you My Bride with gifts daily, to surprise you when you least expect it, to brighten a day that may be less than glorious for you, I send a bird to serenade you, a rainbow to delight your eyes and possibly a suffering that you may identify with Me.

Each of you make up My Church, My Bride that I am preparing for the final consummation.

I am pleased with what I have wrought, keep your eyes on Me especially in these times when life seems to be in a great upheaval and many are concerned over their very lives and that of their families.

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