Thursday, October 22, 2015


2015-10-22                                                              INRI

Your life on earth is more significant, more than any of you realize, important not only for your sake but also for all those you hold dear.

The graces that you receive benefit all, for it was My Father's plan from the very beginning that you would be united in love of God and one another.

Therefore it is not My intention at this time to flatter nor discourage any who place their lives, that is those who have surrendered to Me all, in order that the Will of God flow freely in them.

You will indeed suffer persecution for your belief in Me, make your decision now, if you had not considered this fact, you must uphold what has been given to you in Holy Scripture, do not deny Me.

If it is to be your calling to be martyred, all the graces and timely courage, even greater than you can now perceive, will be given to you, do not fret over this privilege if you have been especially chosen.

You need not have any fear, peace is to reign in all hearts even now and in the midst of the chastisements yet to come, I have been preparing each of you for whatever is your lot.

Giving yourselves over to anxiety, worry and fear dishonors Me, showing mistrust and unbelief in My ability to give what is needed, My grace is and will be sufficient for you at all times.

In your hearts, where I am working to build a fortress of trust, security and great Faith, now in advance being constructed in perfect timing all for the Glory of God.

From your very beginning, have I not gifted you with Faith in Me, have I not gifted you with a Mother Who guides and loves each of you with Mercy and Compassion?

The Queen of Peace, Mother of Mercy, already enjoys Heaven and all it's privileges, thus you are granted the benefits befitting you as Her children.

Who would squander this precious time given you on earth, in order to prepare you for your final destination, be it with Me in eternal glory or to the place prepared for those against God and all He stands for.

Your every prayer is heard, but I alone read hearts, your pain and disappointments, failures and achievements, I desire to live and move and have My Being in you, even now in your blindness and deafness, holding you ever near.

There is no obstacle that I will not move in order that I gain for you the desire of My Heart, and that is that I be the desire of your heart.

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