Thursday, September 24, 2015


2015-09-24                                                              INRI

I am preparing you with all diligence to be the inhabitants of the New Jerusalem, for all that you do here and now will benefit all your family and loved ones.

Indeed when the Scriptures were being written, they were written through the Spirit for you at this time, do not doubt this for I speak to you through each Divinely appointed Word.

There should never be any sadness in you at any moment, watch for any sign of this and rebuke it in My Name, for you have been crucified with Me and I now live in you, I live in the joy of Heaven and so must you.

Walk in newness of life, not as a people doomed but people of the light and of love, be the ones who believe that I have overcome death.

Choose to live life according to My Will in all circumstances, having Scripture in hand and the Word always on your lips.

There is nothing in your life that does not involve Me, for I have orchestrated your day, begin now to think in unity, oneness of community no longer as individuals.

I have desired that all you think, say and do would glorify Me as you cooperate with the Spirit breathing in you.

With praise and thanksgiving ever on your lips, go throughout your day avoiding as much as possible every evil obstacle that may present itself, remembering My presence you will then prevail.

Be good to one another and through My Merciful Heart living in you serve them, serve them as if you were serving Me.

While you are still able to do so openly, wear the cross of your Salvation, never be ashamed to proclaim your love for Me, this symbol of your love speaks loudly to all who see you.

Be in the practice of forgetting yourself, you will be able to facilitate this more and more as you keep your eyes on Me, for I am all about the other even as I am with you.

For you to be about doing My Will in all things is of the utmost importance, for nothing else matters, I accept your offering of self, as you do your best to please Me.

Each morning brings a new opportunity for you to offer Me your life in the service of others in order that you may glorify Me.

Yes, nothing will be wasted during your earthly pilgrimage as you persevere in doing your best to follow in My footsteps, for I will always lead you in the best possible way for all concerned.

Be steadfast and never look back, for what I have promised I will surely bring to pass for all good proceeds from My Merciful and Loving Heart.

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