Saturday, September 19, 2015


2015-09-16                                                                        INRI

Are you prepared should I call you home today, many do not consider their destiny until it is too late.

In the stillness of your heart and mind seek God alone.

Many are burdened by what lies behind, make your peace with Me and leave it there.

You will be lead by the Holy Spirit into inner freedom, into further union with God as you seek it.

Are you concerned with many things in your life, things you have no control over, yet you carry this load constantly as if you could change circumstances as you say “if only this or that were different”.

My Word is Spirit and Life, here you will find solutions for an ailing world of problems, solace in the grief that saddens you and keeps you from the joy I've planned.

When you have finally reached your eternity with Me, I will give you a new name.

In fact even now I am forming you in that name, you are being transformed into My Image.

You are all My bride, who are being adorned with jewels which will be your virtues and gifts fit for the Kingdom.

Most of all love will enfold you as arms comforting a beloved child, Mother Mary Who is always with you is teaching and guiding you as you remain in Her care.

Receive My Peace, My Shalom which is greater than the world could ever give or know, realize that what I am offering you is so much more valuable than any riches or possessions.

No one could ever anticipate what I have in store for the ones who remain in My love, who are making themselves available to serve Me.

Yes, I wish to advise in Wisdom all that you do, at times I may even send you a message for another, it may be a simple word or two, I may request a loving gesture, that you deliver to someone, perhaps a smile or a hug.

You will not predict whom I have prepared in advance, this could be a moment in time that person's conversion, either begun or instantaneously transformed.

Can you not see that what you do in the here and now will be followed by the hereafter, what you do now matters.

Are you Mine, do you seek more, this is the reason I gave My life for you, that someday and it could be soon, that you would spend eternity with Me.

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