Thursday, April 18, 2013



I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, whoever receives Me receives the Father also.

I returned to the Father, having finished the work He gave Me to do, and now with the Father I am able to be with you everywhere at all times.

Thus is given to all who would receive Him, the Holy Spirit who leads you into all Truths, and Who
reminds you of all that I taught.

For the Father Himself teaches you, even though it may be through the words and hands of another,
whom He has chosen for your benefit.

Rejoice and be glad when you are criticized and not praised, in the work that you do here and now for the Kingdom, for then you are closer to Me and l to you.

When you are open to hear Me, you will not need others to give you direction or choose for you what you should do, for l want to direct you Myself.

I want you to have Faith in Me, and to believe in My great and abiding love for you, do you really want to leave it to another to hear what is only for your ears?

You know Me in your head, when will you know Me in your heart where I now reside?

For what you say and do has huge implications in the world even without your acknowledging it.

I desire that you grow into a deeper trust of My love and know what I want to do in your life.

Through small events where you will be compelled to act bravely, your freedom still intact, you will
decide to risk humiliation or decline.

If you decide to say ”yes” you will feel a great sense of accomplishment, for all of Heaven rejoices, they were all praying for you.

I do not ask for successes but only that you give Me your heart to desire doing My Will, I read hearts.

Sometimes I see actions that appear to be great deeds of Mercy but without love, and which are done
for selfish motives.

Come closer for you do not yet know Me, I want to whisper into your heart's ears love you need to hear.

Nothing will be impossible for God, and if you will trust Me to direct you, much can be accomplished for l have commissioned you, and not another can fill your position.

Don't be afraid of failure, I’ll direct you, wait for your call to act, a simple prayer with the one I send you to, will allow Me to heal and convert and do so much more than you can imagine.


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