Thursday, October 25, 2012



As I am patient with you, so also you must be patient with yourself and others.

I am aware of your eagerness to be selfless and to walk in holiness and humility as My followers.

Discouragement is never from Me, and so when this is in you and you become aware of it, come directly to Me.
You may not be aware of the different ways in which you are progressing, for I am at work in you.

More and more, you are putting things into My hands, which previously you would have wanted to
handle on your own, in your own way.

With a greater trust, you are allowing situations to evolve naturally as though I engineered it just for

No matter the outcome, whether to your good or for the good of others, you are surrendered to it.

With this new attitude in life, I see you more peaceful also those of your family and friends are at ease.

While you were quite unaware of your controlling spirit, I have in your life, given you over to My Holy Spirit.
I have placed your hand into My Mother's hand, where you will travel safely day to day, until you are home with Me.

There will be events which will threaten your progress toward your goal, dangerously leading you away from Me.
Some paths that will be present to you may not seem so dangerous at all, but you need to be aware.

The Blessed Virgin is a gift to all of humanity, and I call everyone to Her love and protection.

Remain in prayer, always in a state of grace, remembering that you can do nothing by yourselves.

The poor and those who suffer, physically and mentally, and all avenues of suffering, are much in need of My help through you.
For it is to such as these that I most desire to benefit them with My healing and graces to cope with pain and loneliness.
With your willing spirit of charity, which is love in action, I make your life a fulfillment of all that you desire.

I bless you with everything that you need to be able to assist the unlovable, the ones that push you
away, and do not want even your help or Mine.


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