Thursday, October 4, 2012



There is a specific work that has been allotted to each of you.  For this reason, I make it known to you, that none are exempt nor have you been overlooked or forgotten.

There will be a longing and desire to serve Me, because of the way that I have gifted and graced you.
Possibly a mountain on your path is what is keeping you from proceeding, I will remove it, for I have
called you to this work.

You will desire to fulfill your mission in life, and I will bless you with a joy, that you would otherwise not possess.
First you must pray, meditate on My Passion, then when you hear, when your eyes are sufficiently
opened, you will be able to clearly see, the needs, materially and spiritually of others.

Without a repentant heart, you remain lukewarm, except to your own desires and wants, and the needs of others go unnoticed.

Today, youths and family members are in great need of a Father's Love, My hands and arms, through
you, your active participation.

Preaching is not always what is needed, only love and understanding, a listening ear, guidance for the

I will be in your words if, with your heart you surrender your desires for Mine.

You will not always be aware of the outcome of the prayers and good, that you will offer to Me.
Silently I am active in your world, may I use you to further My plans of Salvation?

Youths that have been raised in homes where alcohol, or drugs, have been abused, cannot grow and
develop with values that I created them to have.

Many have been on their own, trying to build a better world and failing, because it is without Me.

Searching in the wrong places, from the wrong people who take advantage of their innocence, I implore you My people to help save some, who would otherwise be lost.

Such sadness and despair causing them to lead a life of crime, which often ends in death, is reason for
the hope that some may be saved through prayer and good works.

I am today, removing your mountain, do you begin to see the dawning of a new day that, lights your way to what is your work, do not fear the unknown, I am with you.

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