Wednesday, August 29, 2012



Your concern will be for your fellow man, which in turn evokes love and good works, as you grow in

I Myself am preparing you for the New Kingdom, so that you may walk with me in peace and tranquility.

Make it your aim each day, to be conformed to My Will, for I systematically have planned graces
throughout your day, for your advancement in love.

Hidden in your everyday workings, are the Heavenly merits that soon will be realized, that is if you do not neglect, what would later be regret on your part.

My concern is for each of you to attain your highest glory, and for you to enjoy happiness beginning
even here and now.

You can obtain this joy, through the compliance of doing My Will and setting aside your own.

In choosing to act unselfishly, with each act of serving, you will find increasing peace and joy in living.

You have many needs that I do want to attend to, but I reserve My help to a minimum in some
instances, so that you may do for yourselves what you can.

This is ultimately for your growth and benefit, as I act as a loving Father would do with His child, wanting him to learn through doing, being taught to serve and give unselfishly.

I am in you, I want to love through you, and I desire to be able to act freely in your being, as I will and desire.

But I will not usurp your free will, not one iota, for I created you to be free.

Surrender everything to Me, not once but continually, for there is much work to be done, beginning with you.

This opportunity to gain lost Souls, will be threatened in the turmoil and confusion, in the coming days.

From now on, you must be strong in your Faith, continue to experience Me,and while the darkness
encroaches ever farther, be aware that I am with you in an even greater capacity.

The World, in an increasing power of evil, continues to force My hand, with their constant desire for
pleasures and to be entertained 24-7, they do not realize the shortness of time, with which they have to come to conversion of heart, to be made ready for the New Kingdom.

Through graces, and through your efforts to fulfill My desires and intentions, I have seen you blossom into what I rejoice is the joy of all of Heaven, I bless you all as we continue together in the pursuit of your Eternal reward, as I have promised you.


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