Friday, August 24, 2012



There is security in numbers, but not in this case, for My remnant are few.

Because you are few in number, I will send My angels to surround and protect you.

Your concern will be for the well being of each other and there will be no quarreling among you, for I will be in your midst.

I will be with you in Spirit, but you will feel My presence in a special way, so that you may devote all your energies to helping your fellow man, who will need encouragement.

The World will experience this time of illumination of conscience soon, but you who are My servants, are beginning to see yourselves as I see you now, you are being purified.

You must be prepared to assist many, who will be confused and frightened by the coming
chastisements, that are even now shaking the people who ignore Me.

Yes, I have been forgotten, replaced in their hearts by superstars, by others gods of their making,
through sports and TV, this is the vehicle that the evil one will use to sway many.

Sin is rampant everywhere, and the cup of My wrath, My patience is overflowing, there is now no more time, for each day brings a greater perversion, all disgusts Me.

Pray My people, for the gift of fasting, for it will not come to you naturally, but for you to deny
yourselves, is of great benefit to your being strengthened in your weakness.

Do not waste precious moments of time now, be with Me when you can, for I am close to you when you are suffering, broken hearted or rejected by others, then, you identify with Me.

It is important that you keep your eyes on Me, and not on all that is happening around you, for this will cause your peace to dissipate.

Stay in prayer, then will your sentiment of sweet love for Me, bring to your being a feeling of joy, even in the midst of whatever turmoil is surrounding you.

Praise and thanksgiving, will keep you where you must be, even when some others will be complaining, peace will invade you.

Exhibited around you will be combative arguing and selfishness, each trying to survive and get ahead.

But you will show My peaceful charity, and it will be noted by the many, who are needing to wake up from their evil ways, oh how the evil one has deceived the world at large.


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