Wednesday, August 1, 2012


God will ring the bell that only His will hear.

Violence and selfishness abounding all around you cause you to tremble and fear.

But I assure you, that I am with you, leading you to the safe refuge that I have prepared for you, receive now My Peace.

Help those along the way who are even more vulnerable than you find yourselves.

I am shielding your every step, concern yourselves only with being open to aiding others as I inspire you.

Everything is quickly chaotic and there is unrest, people are frantic everywhere.

But you hear the sound of My calling, as if you had been working in the field, and now you hear the bell that calls you home for a meal at noontime or evening.

As if in a march, united in heart and thoughts set on the forthcoming victory, which I have won already.

Always mindful of the cloak, the Blessed Mother has placed about the shoulders of each one, you walk on, as children of the Redeemed.

A song that has been building in your hearts bursts forth to proclaim this victory of ours.

Those who are not Mine, are not at peace, for they fear their very thoughts, stomachs are tied up in knots, as they thrash about now seeking something to cling to, searching aimlessly.

They have no direction, all prior warnings have been overlooked and discarded as nonsense.

Look on Me, children of My Love, be alert for God’s Kingdom to be realized.

How far has humanity fallen and become a great pit of hatred and wretchedness.

My Remnant will proceed walking home, persevering step by step, nourished by the Lamb.

All Creation from the beginning of time will respond to the freedom, healing and forgiveness obtained at the Cross, by the shedding of the Blood of Christ.

Wait, wait for the sound of the bell that will alert you to go forth with your triumphant God.

The Blessed Mother accompanies you now as She has done all your lives, comforting you as you comfort your fellow travellers along the way.


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