Friday, August 3, 2012



The Pharisees and Scribes would not accept My words, that told them of the Kingdom and how it should be lived.

They believed in themselves and in their own thinking, not wanting to listen to the Truth, not wanting to be found wrong, not wanting to consider change.

They believed that this was the time of judgement and that the Kingdom was in the future.

I told them the Kingdom is now, for I the Messiah, was among them, but they would not see, that the
judgement was to follow in the future.

I am bringing you daily opportunities to repent of selfishness and to turn to right living, loving your God.

You are not always aware of the sin in your lives, but Satan and his cohort, are always ready to take
advantage of situations in which you are vulnerable.

He will cause most of you to fail in charity, but I have overcome sin in your lives, and I use even those in your close circle of friends, to bring out good from evil.

You can so easily see the sin in others around you, but I allow you to see how, the same sin exists in you.

Without My Intervention, you would continue in your blindness, your false security in thinking yourself exempt.

It is My love for you, that allows even your fall, to lift you higher in grace and holiness, than before.

After the rain, is the air and everything around you not more fresh and vibrant?

All creation seems to flourish from this Heavenly shower from above, so it is for those that shed tears
over their sin, I refresh and encourage such a Soul.

As you ask Me to open your hearts, I flood you with great graces, where previously you had been
lukewarm, now praise issues forth from the very depths of you.

In My Wisdom, I cradle you and soothe your wounds, giving you deeper knowledge of self and of right living.

Am I not in the beggar on the street that you pass by, or the friend who sometimes causes you pain in
your relationship, possibly the driver, who was inconsiderate in traffic today, these are all ways in which I find to draw you near to Me.

Delight in those I have placed in your homes, your work, those that cause you to use grace in
forgiveness, it is ultimately the work of God, to strengthen our relationship.


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