Thursday, August 16, 2012



When you know without a doubt, that you are loved, you are then able to give love, live in My love.

Now is the crucial season, for you to seek My Mercy, for there is nothing as important for you at this

Without My Mercy, you walk about, feeling confused and threatened by everyone and everything,
unable to think clearly.

Your sense of security evades you, and your freedom is in jeopardy, because the peace I am wanting to give you, has been relinquished for pride, which has convinced you of your rights.

I have chosen to retain the marks of your salvation, before My Father, in order to intercede for you

Such is My great love for you, and constant concern to obtain every grace for growth in holiness.

Humble yourself before Me and adore Who is before you on your altars, pleading and desiring your
affection, and your attention for the Salvation of all.

When you are able to see Me in the place of your priest, transposed and nailed to the cross, you are
more than meditating, you are receiving a great grace.

Do not be one who passes judgement upon another, for I alone know what is in the heart, the Soul's

With the aim of forgetting yourself, unite your prayer with Mine.

Ask Me then, to give to you the grace of true prayer, for you know not what or how you should pray.

It was My Mercy, that caused Me to come to earth, and to empty Myself, to live among you.

Will I not do everything for you, to attain eternal life with Me?

Seek always a deeper more intimate walk with Me and My Mother, Who will lead you in the surest way.

You are seeking peace, I am the Prince of Peace, why not say ”no” to all that takes you away from Me, and what is not satisfying your need for love, that is what you are truly looking for.


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