Thursday, October 18, 2012



I call you and entice you to taste My goodness, those who respond, I feed with every grace and blessing.

As the perfume of a flower draws one to come closer and enjoy the fragrant beauty, I draw you to

I am vulnerable in the Sacred Host, for anyone to neglect with unbelief, disrespect and even reject Me.

They cannot see that I am here with treasures untold and answers to their problems and questions.

But you My blessed ones, who have responded to My invitation, you gladden My very Heart.

To you I give the privilege of interceding for the poorest Souls among you, ones living in mortal sin.

You need not know their names, only pray for their conversion, so that they may not be lost.

Do not turn away from this responsibility, it is your duty towards your brother, because I love them.

I suffered and died not only for you, but also for these poor unfortunates, who in most cases have
become victims of the evil one.

Without your intervention their eternal reward may be In jeopardy!

Satan wants to divide you from Me and from each other, and even from yourselves.

Because you are Mine, receive now from this My most merciful Heart, the desire to save the lost.

It is ultimately My work that I desire to do through your cooperation, love will increase as you serve.

Continually empty yourself that I may fill you with My living Spirit, who fulfills the Father's Will.

I will lead you, do not dwell on how you are to proceed, for I work in the moment, leave it to Me and do not worry or fear, this is My work among you.

Your part is to trust in all I have taught you, peace flooding your heart, converse always with Me, Jesus and also with My Mother, do not forget your Angel.
With the complications of the World's turmoil happening all around you, do not lose your peace, nor try to become wise about the future events.

I want you to spend more quiet time with Me, even in your busyness, try to lift your thoughts towards
Heaven momentarily, for shortly what is not meant for the Kingdom, will not matter.


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