Tuesday, February 15, 2011


The young man was given a task by his father.

It was on a shelf far beyond his small stature.

To do the work involved reaching a shelf far above his head.

The job was beyond what he thought he was capable of but he was commissioned by his father and he wanted to at least try.
He could try several things by himself which he wanted to do.

A chair might topple over or a stack of books perhaps. maybe a ladder to help him reach.
All of these were rather inadequate and in danger of failure and embarrassment.

As frustration settled in he then thought “I have a big brother!”

He is loving, never too busy for me and never refuses to help me.

So I finally ask and the task was easily done.

I feel good and my big brother loves that I asked for his help.

The task on the shelf that I couldn’t reach was to love others as I should especially in
tough times.

I thought I could do it alone, I tried and failed so many times in so many ways.

Even when I did succeed it was never really what it could have been.

Would I go to my big brother quicker next time or again try it alone?

Humility is telling your big brother “I can’t do it will you help me?”

Will you lift me up so I can do what Father is asking me to do?

Pride is self-sufficiency in not admitting that my sinful nature keeps me from being the
loving person God meant for me to be.
Where and what is your unreachable shelf today, your present challenge?
What have you tried to accomplish on your own? 
Jesus waits for us to turn around; He is there.
As we begin to trust Him with the needs we now have, Faith grows.
Sometimes we see how high the shelf is and decide it is not worth the risk of failure.
We do the easy tasks where little effort is required but seldom venture upon the limb.
The Father’s Will for us is something simple yet much higher and attainable.
With the help of our brother Jesus, all things are possible.
That shelf is there everyday and the task of loving our neighbor as ourselves is ever the
Can we really afford to ignore it or make the effort without our brother Jesus helping?
The Father is not ignorant of our weaknesses but desires our efforts and our growth.
In Christ, His Son is our victory and our Salvation.

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