Friday, January 28, 2011


Upon your altars I come placing Myself into your hands, Vulnerable and trusting making
Myself bread for food, food for your soul. 
I came so that you may have life to the fullest.
Have you noticed how Satan would have you do nothing in the Church, how he persists
in impressing you with thoughts that keep you afraid of so many things imagined and
It is a bondage of fear which I came to earth to abolish and set My people free.

I desire that you hear the Word and believe what you hear is the truth that sets you free.

Ask that you may receive this freedom, it is life changing and joy in My making.

Mostly I desire a relationship with you that I do not at this present time possess.

Surrender to Me in all humility, telling Me with all sincerity that you cannot and
acknowledge that I can and Will all that is good for you.

My child let go of the control of your life into My hands.

Do you notice that I always show you the way before I ask you to go in the same way?

What I experienced on earth, I accepted to suffer to lead the direction of self denial.

Never will you go it alone or proceed without My very presence.

You do not see Me but oh! I am very near.

My breath on you is My Spirit, gentle and loving yet powerful against the enemy, enabling you the greatest success against defeat in situations formed against you.

Trust My every Word, only then by beginning to trust will you be able to follow without
question My command in times of crisis when your response allows for no delay.

Surrender to Me all your cares and fears so that I may set you free.

Are you willing to trust Me this way? Will you continue to trust what you can see and
touch and control in your life or will you give to Me your willing spirit?

Quiet yourself and allow Me to bless you with the knowledge to know without a doubt
that I chose you and that it was not you who chose Me. It was not your idea but Mine!

I have only begun to fashion you into the person I created you to be, do not settle for a
life that is not yet complete, a life beyond what you have yet to imagine even for

When they saw My dead body many saw what they considered a failure but the devil
knew he had been defeated. It is the dying to self, your complete surrender that allows
Me to have control and not you for the success to accomplish what you were meant to be.

My child, you must be willing to trust in your unseen God who loves you and cares for
you, who desires every good and freedom to possess you not bondage of any kind of fear.

Allow Me to refashion you today, My Word is a healing balm for all who will come to
Me seeking to be free, seeking any and all need I will, I patiently await you today.


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