Thursday, June 8, 2017


2017-06-08                                                                                    INRI

I was put to death in the flesh and raised to life in the Spirit, die to self and be raised in the Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is the breath of all creation, He will allow you to see My Image in each of your brothers and sisters.

Pray and ask that I reveal the Face of God in the person before you, even a mental prayer lifting your desire to Me will suffice.

You My child are My Image before others and through your words and actions, you will bring out of others My Image in them, leaving them happier than before your encounter.

Therefore be ever so gentle with one another, for each one is in their own earthly battle that possibly no  one knows but God alone.

Often it is the very people you live with who are at a disadvantage to receiving the love you show generously to the poor and to strangers.

It is your greatest challenge but to which I attribute the greatest graces of which you must attain.

Each person fights his own demons as it were, his own battles of sickness, loneliness or fears that rivet the mind into inaction, or anger that results in further distancing himself from others.

When you stay aloof from others, you do not give them a chance to open up to you and share, so in the unknown is apprehensive fear that has taken the lead.

Thus, in the uncertainty of the encounter, and not being convinced that you even want to be involved in that person’s life, the thought of your own problems and busy life, you determine, no not now, maybe later, but not now.

You then wonder what will God ultimately ask of me, if I approach another in a caring fashion, will I be of any help or make things worse with my advice,  I am not yet whole myself, for I have fears and prejudices, hurts and more.

Have courage, there is a greater good to be had for the both of you, as you decide to go forward you will overcome these obstacles.

You are not doing anything on your own, in discernment or in the action you will take, in that very moment I give you the zeal, strength and courage even that of a martyr if need be.

If you will abandon yourself into My Hands for the sake of love, you will possibly make yourself vulnerable to being hurt, involving yourself in the needs of others and helping them carry their cross.

It may indeed cost you your life, you will die to self, surely you will see Me, I will be with the both of you, healing and making every situation remedied, you will accomplish much more than you even anticipated, go the distance. 

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