Friday, June 17, 2011


I wish to embrace your soul and lift it higher than it has ever been.

Then in the quiet refrain of the love you will have for Me because of it, you will be at
peace and desire to ask for nothing more.

Your neighbor will reap the benefits also from the showering of favors upon you.

A new tenderness, a new joy, compassion and understanding for others flows without
effort without undue anxiety.

Why would I bestow on you such a blessing and gift?

It is My love that compels such a bountiful generosity.

Those that would assail you leave quite deflated in their efforts to cause you harm.

All because you know you are loved by the Almighty and nothing else matters.

Even though My touch has been for only a moment, you feel as though time were

To serve Me is your only desire and compulsion.

In your elation, you are ready to excuse the worst of insults and accusations.

My love makes you love all things created by Me and a sense of security enfolds you.

Will you allow this heart of Mine to release to you its burden, its passion and capacity for

Only sin darkening your soul making it uninhabitable would dissuade Me.

Do not flee anywhere but to Me in the Sacrament of Forgiveness, I await you there.

I am eager to unite and entice you once again to join Me in the saving of souls.

My beloved child, you who do not deserve the least of My indulgences with you, come
be My solace.

Release Me to do in you what I desire , to lift you to the highest Heaven.

But alas, it remains in your will and freedom to accept or reject My very best for you.

My plans are so much greater than you could ever imagine but I am patient to allow you
your mistakes.

I welcome the opportunity to forgive and counsel, to encourage and further your holiness.

May those whom I am sending your way, glorify My Name because of what they see and
receive by means of you.

May they have a greater hope for themselves and their loved ones through My work in


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