Thursday, February 19, 2015


2015-02-19                                                                             INRI

I require and desire that you ask for what you need, this enables you to come to Me more often and continually.

My Mother also came to Me interceding for the young couple at the Wedding Feast at Cana, when She said to Me “they have no wine”.

Do what is required of you, that is to stand in the gap for your family, friends and those for whom you will be asked to pray for, this is My way of blessing you and others as well.

With a willing spirit in you, participating in this venture, My Holy Spirit will be able to do mighty works of Mercy and healing, sometimes immediately and at other times gradually, but be assured that your prayers are always heard and answered even at times after death.

Ask and do ask for much more, boldly trusting as you approach the Throne of My Glory, with confidence in My love for you and for all.

It is My pleasure to respond to your Faith which unselfishly asks for the seemingly impossible requests  that may be required at times of immediate courage and sacrifice, or simply everyday needs. 

Yes, My loved ones, you can greatly console My wounded Heart for the ingratitude of answered prayer, from the many who ask, not believing that I will answer or that they are even heard.

Come to Me today and give Me the sentiments that you would offer at the hour of your death, do it now for at that time you may not be able to for whatever reason, I want to receive it from you now, and I will keep it for you.

Ask Me to open your blind eyes to even the sins you have overlooked, the ones that seem insignificant, the ones that don't hurt anyone, the ones that are harmless, they are harming you My child for I wish to purify your Soul.

This is a time for grace, do not occupy your time with trivial and vain pursuits that do not increase your Heavenly benefits, tomorrow may not be given to any of you, these graces are for today.

I, today want to reveal a need in you that you may not realize that is causing a loss in you, spend some alone time with Me, just you and Me, preferably before the Blessed Sacrament.

Allow Me to help you to surrender your total self and will, as you have never done before, to the depth that you have never gone before, again ask Me, I desire it more than you do.

This is a dying to self and through it you do not lose anything but gain everything, rest in Me, in My ability to change your life into something beautiful and enable you to be ready to inherit the Kingdom.

This is not the life I intended for you to have but as you cooperate with the graces I prepare for you each day, soon you will have a peace and joy, that I had intended for you from the beginning, for My Blood cleanses you and sets you free.

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