Thursday, January 15, 2015


2015-01-15                                                   INRI

Thank Me for your life, whatever your circumstance may be, whether you are suffering, or in poverty, loneliness, wherever you are in life thank Me for great and little things, sad and lighthearted things for all things be thankful constantly.

For humanity as a whole is mostly ungrateful, some of you are still searching for answers to the questions you've long wondered, questions and dilemmas of life that perplex you, I will reveal some to you but others will be waiting for you in eternity.

When you least expect it, I will reveal to you the explanation of a Scripture or the meaning of something that will please you in the knowledge of it, for I know you personally and to do this is My privilege and pleasure.

I have given Myself in the Eucharist that you may be satisfied, fed and healed, but you must do your part, give to Me whatever loaves and fishes, that is your offering to Me, I then will be able to use what you offer to heal and feed the world.

Gratitude will always be the correct response for all that you will endure in your life, for pain, for drought in your fields, for flooding or whatever.

Accept that all passes through My loving and capable hands, you may not know the Wisdom that has willed your lot in life at this time, only accept that it is not chance that has allowed this to happen to you but a loving Father.

Confident trust in Me is what I desire as you sit at My feet in adoration gazing at the wonder of it all, I for My part also am lovingly gazing at you and granting you many blessings and grace.

The wonder of God becoming man and thus serving humanity as a slave, recall as I washed the feet of the Apostles, in order to show them an example of love in action taking the form of a slave.

I will serve your brothers and sisters through you if you'll allow Me the privilege to use you in this way.

Spend as much time with Me as you can, your time on earth is short and that you may not waste a minute in vain pursuits, ask the Holy Spirit to open your mind and eyes that you may enter into My presence to see and hear Me.

My words will strengthen and encourage you in the way you must go, for there will be other voices that you must be aware of and not listen to, for the evil one is always on the alert, looking for easy prey.

You will be able with the gift of discernment to tell the difference in the words you hear, so in the time that is available to you praise Me, lift your Spirit in praise and adoration, you will always be joined by My angels and the many Saints of Heaven, who continually sing and praise their God.

Those who will unselfishly deprive themselves of entertainment and worldly pleasures for My sake, will be made ready for My coming and in whatever they will be asked to endure.

You My children are My bride and I am preparing you now, My goal has always been to make you holy and in order for Me to do this you must remain in grace ever near Me.

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