Thursday, January 8, 2015


2015-01-08                                                       INRI

I have overcome death and all the world, what is it to live in the confidence and trust of God?

When one is slighted by another how should you respond, unless you are living in the Spirit, the reaction would be to retaliate, pride having been injured.

To rely upon God when slighted and respond in kindness, your thoughts and words are of a loving response, the Holy Spirit now living in you has transformed you.

Neither are you indifferent to your neighbor who has shown you harm, because you now are living in Me you are showing him love.

There will be much testing and trials in this world, but you have not been left to fend for yourself, I for My glory provide every grace that whatever would assail you may be overcome with My love.

You do have the Saints that you may imitate, but every one of them has been created uniquely and so I may also be doing in you a brand new thing that has never before been done.

Yes, there will be times when you will be puzzled and a little confused as to what exactly I am doing in your life that seems to be at a stand still at this present time.

You must patiently wait and not be over anxious to be doing anything during this time of what you may consider darkness for My presence seems far away from you.

You need not be fearful I am so very near to you, be confident in this message, in My Wisdom which may be contrary to your thinking, I am not displeased with you, for there are details that are in motion and must be allowed to proceed to completion.

You may be wondering that this is a waste of time that you could be helping others with their problems, or even tending to the poor and so many other things that occupy your mind.

During this time I am working in you what you are not aware of, trust that the virtues are being gained by simply being with Me in peace and tranquility, agitation at this time would not be beneficial.

As I use the example of a flowering tree in spring, you also will be flowering and producing much fruit as I am reserving you for the proper time but you must remain in Me.

My Holy and Blessed Mother has been given to you for the guidance She will provide through prayer and fasting in order to gain cognition in receiving every grace and blessing that awaits you.

Have I withheld anything from you that you need or desire, I have even formed your desires within you that you may unite with My Will and thereby be happy even now.

I may remain silent for long periods of time, this may seem as a cloud to you, that you do not know where you are being lead, praise Me and thank Me for everything that is happening or not happening in your life, I am very near to those who hunger for Me.

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