Wednesday, April 13, 2016


2016-04-13                                                                     INRI

While in My Passion, I allowed Myself to be brutally and securely bound with chains and ropes, to identify with you who were enslaved and bound by sin, all who were being saved.

In My Death and Resurrection, I broke every chain that signifies mortal sin and every rope that signifies venial sins in your life, I was victorious in everything that had been lost to mankind.

So you are asking of Me, why you are still falling again and again into your habitual sins, yes I was victorious in everything regarding your Salvation, but each must work out his or her individualsalvation.

You are trying diligently to overcome your faults daily, large and small, but it is a work that requires the cooperation with the Holy Spirit, Who endows you with all His gifts.

Each of you seek happiness, it may be your life's ambitious goal or perhaps a lofty material possession, these will only end in disappointment and emptiness in attaining them.

Anxiety and fear sometimes cause you to have anxious thoughts of what others think of you, or what the future will hold for your country, society, your own family's well being and so forth.

Your ultimate goal should be that your Faith not remain shallow, but that you firmly resolve to have union with God, do not be afraid to be real with Me cry out, complain to Me, I then can begin to heal those areas that have been a source of woundedness.

Your end of life is a crucial consideration that I am planning with you as you rise each day, ask Me to prepare you to receive every grace and blessing that I have arranged for your spiritual growth.

My Goodness and Patience have been generously poured out upon you in every season of your life, as for the pain and suffering that you endure, I chose to recognize and enter into it with you and have never left you.

I cried out My God, My God why have You forsaken Me, I know what it is not to have God intervene in My hour of need, this also I desired to share with you, knowing His love and faithfulness were a constant refuge.

With the gift of Hope, I desire to heal past memories, times you've badly messed up, relive with Me now and at each Mass the reenactment of  My Sacrifice upon Calvary.

Remember Me in the breaking of the Bread, here I will nourish you all with the finest food, everlasting food for the journey home, that you may never hunger or thirst, for you receive your Lord and Saviour.

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