Thursday, December 14, 2017


2017-12-14                                             INRI

I want you to learn to live within the Truth at all times, for I am preparing you for eternity when you will live within the Truth forever.

What you are living now is not reality, it is an illusion, you have fear of many things and you do not walk with the freedom that I planned for you.

The courage and confidence that was Mine when I walked the earth, I desire to empower you with.

I want to transform you from within, thus you can realize the importance of the Holy Spirit’s presence, He wants to change your view to see who you truly are.

He will inspire your work, your speech and He is going to fill your thoughts with My Holy Word, that you may not forget nor be distracted from what is truly important in your life.

My people, you are in great need of encouragement, you must arm yourselves against spiritual pride, and never get discouraged in your walk toward your goal of holiness.

Your gifts are for the building up of the Church, not for yourself alone, most of the prophecy will be for your encouragement, for you are easily lead down paths that do not lead to Me.

I Myself must put your feet once again on the right path, do not consider suffering and trial as a punishment for failing in your progress, but know that you will gain the most graces during these times.

By placing yourself within areas where My Holy Spirit may manifest Himself among you, you will facilitate the receiving of His anointing, during this time you will receive knowledge of God and His Ways. 

You are given all the knowledge and it is dormant within you until it is activated by leading a faithful and sacramental life in the Church, the evidence is that your heart is changing for good, you notice how you have grown spiritually.

If your spiritual life is not improving, then your heart has not truly trusted God, I am allowing your faults to sanctify and purify you here on earth and this purification will continue in Purgatory.

I am protecting you from harm, shielding your spiritual life, that you may not suffer damnation by your life, for your striving for perfection has been noticed and assisted by your Triune God Whose Eyes never leave you.

You will be given many graces to overcome vices and these faults will cause you sorrow but in time and with prayer, the help of your Guardian Angel and the Saints, you will have final victory.

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