Thursday, November 23, 2017


2017-11-23                                                                                       INRI

To be My follower means to carry a cross, your penance is to lovingly carry it to the best of your ability doing sacrifices that others will not take notice of.

I do not require that you seek a penance of unnecessary suffering, it is in the spirit of love which gives merit.

At times it is complaints that I hear, instead of courage in the daily pursuit of a life of virtue, some of you are not seeing it as your cross but only a hardship to be eliminated at all cost.

Whenever in this life you desire anything with great desire, you lose your peace of soul, and should anyone try to dissuade you in regard to this worldly attachment, one becomes angry.

You join Me at Calvary, at the foot of the Cross, when at every Mass, My Body and Blood are lifted up, truly you are there in the moments with Me.

I could open your eyes that you could see the miracle that transpires at every Mass, but I prefer to bless you with the faith to believe without seeing.

Trust in the Wisdom to do so, and petition Me for what you truly need, especially that I may increase love within you.

Do not ask that your cross of suffering be removed, only that you may be granted strength to bear it with a greater love, though My Merciful Love may deign to answer a need without request.

I assure you that I will not delay in answering the prayer that unites you with Me in the suffering offered in reparation for yourself and others.

Know that all your acts of repentance cannot make up for one of the smallest nor greatest sins, but I redeem you with My Blood, offered to the Father.

You cannot even offer adequate thanksgiving and thus I Myself supply the needed gratitude in your place for all the required graces throughout your life.

I am with you to bring you to the Father, when you put distance between your love of possessions and release Me to act in your life, I increase your capacity to serve.

May all your works praise and give glory to God, using the gifts provided will bring you the desired eternal reward.

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